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Room Tour – Felix Room



One of the most frequently liked and commented spaces in our home is definitely Felix’s room. In our old apartment he never had his own space, but lived in our bedroom (he’s been co-sleeping with us for the most part of the last 3 years). Now, when he finally has a room and big boy bed of his own, I want to give it a whimsical and playful feel without making it too childish. The room transitions from toddler to child a little easier (and cheaper in the end). Still missing a rug (we’re potty training so we’re better off not using one at the moment) and I really want to paint the walls – a chalk wall would be fun!




Dressing up is a big part of his playtime routine at the moment – he transforms daily into a dangerous leopard, wizard, doctor and; you guessed it – superheroes. The little white bench (a keepsake from his fathers childhood) contains all kinds of costumes.




The green cabinet is painted in the colour “Salvia 825” from Beckers (NCS S 4708-G31Y) and is a lovely piece I bought spontaneously one day. I couldn’t move it on my own so I made the boyfriend drag it 8 blocks over cobblestones on top of a punctured sack truck (… Oops). He got pretty angry with me but ended op loving it in the end – just how it normally acts out regarding most of my (great) ideas.




The tiger on the floor is made by Roxy Marj, monkey poster from Walnut and Walrus and the cute hanger on the cabinet door is made by My Red Hand Gang. I love to shop small and the unique pieces gives the room character.




I have a thing for wooden toys and the small animals from Holztiger is just precious – Felix loves them too but as it happens, there’s still loads of plastic toys that find it’s way into his room. LEGO is a strong favourite (Denmark, home of the LEGO) and most recently, my nemesis, the Nerf gun. I have one rule – if it’s made out of plastic and it doesn’t get played with – it magically disappears and travels to “where toys goes to die”-land (aka. our basement room or the local charity shop).







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