My guide to Bali - part two

That friday feeling



We’ve been terribly sick all week, coughing, runny noses and even a bit of fever. I’m blaming the kindergarten for bringing in all those new germs but funny enough, the only one not sick is the kid who actually spends all day there…

I braved myself out of our four walls to get me some friday flowers to match my new dress and hopefully it’ll be enough to convince my body into thinking it’s spring and warm again.




I love to stroll along the fruit, flower and vegetable stands at Torvehallerne. The clean, neat lines of colours and materials gets me everytime.






I bought this japanese style linen/cotton dress the other day and it might just be the ultimate summer dress for me this year. It even has pockets (I don’t own a dress without pockets, haha) so my 4 year old self is very happy. It’s from Uniqlo.






Ended up with poppies and eucalyptus this time – crossing fingers that I’m healthy again by the end of the weekend.





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My guide to Bali - part two