Kindergarten and raising a threenager

First time-mom mistakes and chicken legs



 I learned the hard way with Felix that I shouldn’t get too many shoes in baby sizes (he hardly wore any of the ones I got for him) and I also bought hard sneakers that just didn’t fit well on a baby foot (first time-mom mistakes) so they’re still unused and sits pretty in a drawer. So we’re going for the softer mocks and (hopefully) this time I can manage not to over-do on the quantities!

Got a new pair of EasyPeasys home the other day and this time I went with another model than the “Lily” we already have. The Lilys are still way too big and now when Max is carried with his legs outside of the wrap/sling I had a great excuse to get a smaller pair that can warm his feet. I got the “Meximoo” style instead and they are so tiny and soft! I love that these are eco-friendly, the leather is naturally tanned and chrome free.




I definitely think it’s time to get those chicken legs out of the newborn carry, he was starting to object a bit more in the frog position with the legs. He’s such a tall guy, already 61 cm!




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Kindergarten and raising a threenager