First time-mom mistakes and chicken legs

A Door



I’ve been climbing the walls of our apartment lately, itching to get out and see and do something new. Luckily Max is content and happy in the stroller so I took my little companion and decided to go to unexplored lands. I’ve lived in Copenhagen for a little over 7 years now and there’s still so many parts of the city I haven’t seen or maybe just had too many (wrong?) opinions about that kept me from going there.

So, we went to Vesterbro, and more precisely, Istedgade 101. I wanted to visit a shop that I’ve been following for a while, A Door (@a___door) – and it was totally worth the visit.




They sell all kinds of pretty things – plants, magazines, organic skincare and other decorative things. You can even get a little coffee while you’re at it. I couldn’t leave without something and since I’ve been obsessed by the pretty decorations from the dutch brand Sukha, I bought one of the garland boxes home with me.




The box contains 4 garlands in different shapes and are handmade with lokta paper in Nepal. They make the prettiest decoration for Max’s nursery. I might even put some in Felix room, instead of the Numero 74 flag garland.






I really want the origami crane garland (Cara flags) from the same brand as well, to put over the bed or changing table – maybe there’s a reader from Amsterdam that could help me with tracking one of them down? I would be forever grateful.




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First time-mom mistakes and chicken legs