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Capsule Wardrobe – DIY wrap skirt



As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m putting together a capsule wardrobe for the summer months. I passed by a textile shop the other day with the intention of making Max a tiny romper and then realised I’m way too bad at following patterns, so I decided to freestyle. I wen’t for a wrap skirt for myself instead, and it was actually easier than I thought – don’t ask me for a guide, the skirt should come with a warning sign – I don’t have any formal sewing training but I did get an A+ in textile class in the 9th grade.

Max kept on waking up from his naps so it ended up taking longer than I though to finish it, but 2 days of work isn’t too bad for a for a mom of two! Side question: When will he start napping longer periods again? When he finally surrenders, he wakes up after 15 minutes.. Even though I’ve been through it once before I can’t remember anything about the baby stages.. haha.






Probably should have ironed it before but I don’t have time for stuff like that.. proud to confess I haven’t ironed for years.. stuff just get wrinkly again as soon as I wear it, so what’s the point. Same goes for making the bed – linen bedsheets are the best invention ever – made to look unmade. I can sense I’m babbling now, so back to the point;

I made the skirt in a 50/50 linen/cotton fabric and made it in just one layer, so its thin and cool for summer. I attached two longer straps to be able to tie it in different ways for different looks. Place the skirt higher up in the waist and tie it tight or place it on the hip with a simple sidetie with longer ends. Do remember to wash the linen fabric before cutting and sewing though, as it tends to shrink after being washed the first time – I like my legs, but I don’t think I can pull of mini-miniskirts anymore..:)






I cut the front a bit sideways so that the wrap style would be more enhanced. I think the skirt is really versatile, it can be dressed up with some heels or down with Birkenstocks or other flat sandals.




I’m super happy with the colour and the look of it, I made a small mistake in the way I sewed it in at the back (to follow the shape of the body), it’s not that visible but I think I’ll sew another just like it again in a natural/beige colour fabric and maybe even with longer straps to see if I can perfect the style. I also really want to try to make a wrap kimono, just need to find a linen fabric with a little more softness to it to make it more lounge-ish.

So, this is the first piece in the capsule wardrobe, I’ve also gathered some of the other items and will show you some of them in another post soon. I hope you like it!




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