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Room Tour – Bedroom




Little by little the upstairs master bedroom have been puzzled together. At first the upstairs area were just a place to store outerwear and a small “mancave” with the mans vinyls. When we were expecting Max, we needed to free up space for an extra kids room/nursery since we knew we had the space for it. Therefor we decided to give Max our old bedroom and to build a wall upstairs to make a new (nicer) bedroom for us. Goodbye mancave!

Since the apartment was built with very open planning (It’s one of the VM houses, designed by Bjarke Ingels BIG Group), with minimal amounts of walls/doors, we didn’t want to put up a big wall that would block out the light from the floor to ceiling windows. We came up with a great solution – to build a industrial glass+steel wall, that would stay within the architectural style of the building. Together with Kasper from OneFunkyFurniture we designed the wall + sliding door to give us maximum amount of light but also some privacy with the half wall. We’re super happy with the solution and the look of the upstairs area, giving the apartment not just an extra room but also a great design feature. It wasn’t the cheapest choice, but definitely the coolest!

When we first got the wall up to make the little room, we wanted to give it a luxurious hotel room feel, since it would be a place for us to rest, away from the kids. They do co-sleep with us at the moment though but it’s the cosiest little loft up there now.




We got this poster from Atelier CPH through The Poster Club and it was just the final piece needed to complete the bedroom. I remember that my grandparents had some similar black on white paintings in their bedroom that I loved as a child and I have always regretted not asking for them for myself after they both had passed. I’m glad I got this similar one to look at instead when I want to remember them a little extra.






The coat hooks we have are from MUNK Collective, we bought them at Illums Bolighus, I love the little brass detail on them and that they look a little like an umbrella handle.




We wanted some cosy lights for the bedside lamps and our friend Finn (Hi, Finn!) has a company called Retrolumen that sells these cool retro lightbulbs. The bedside lamps are from Ellos Home and is called Time.



In collaboration with The Poster Club.




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