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Felix Summer Wardrobe



When I expected Felix, I was a bit bummed out about the crappy selection of “unisex” (I hate to use the term “boys clothes” since I dislike the gender division in most stores and brands) clothing for my child. Honestly, I’ve always thought I would have girls and to dress them up in cute dresses and frills and little bows so it became quite clear to me that I would have to dig deep to find something other than blue and green stuff with plastic prints of Cars, Mickey Mouse or Paw Patrol with the words “cool boy” or similar on it.

I started out dressing him in Mini Rodini, MarMar Copenhagen and Bobo Choses, Gray Label and other amazing designer brands – it was quite the expensive habit and now when he’s older (read: and more likely to completely destroy and wear it out on the playground) it has become even more tricky to find good, cheaper alternatives that fits his style and that is easy to mix. I’m pretty lucky that I get to decide most of his outfits still, but the days when he wants to choose, I’ve tried to make sure that all items goes well together in a coherent colour scale so he actually ends up looking nice, haha.




There are some gems in the fast fashion stores from time to time and even though I try to keep him in mostly organic, smaller brands, I mix between the cheap and the slightly more expensive to suit our needs of having clothes to wear and tear as well as the long lasting quality pieces.

Heres some great items that’s in stores now and that’s a part of Felix’s basic summer wardrobe:







Top: Monsieur Mini, 179 DKK

Shoes: Bisgaard, 649 DKK

Sunglasses: H&M, 49 DKK

Linen Shorts: H&M, 79 DKK

Sweater: Zara, 119 DKK





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