So, it’s that time already. I can’t believe he’s getting so big that we’re introducing him to “real” food – where did the newborn days go? He’s 4,5 months now and up until now he’s been solely breastfed (way to go boobies!). He hasn’t shown any signs that he didn’t get full enough on the milk so it’s been fine to wait until now to start him on the porridge.

Honestly, I’m not the kind of person to make my own porridge (I’m more the ready-made-out-of-a-box kinda mom when it comes to babyfood) and after introducing Felix to real foods back in the days, he didn’t fancy any of my homemade stuff (ehrm, thanks babe) I went for easy, quick and practical this time around. Also, feeding two kids and two adults at the same witching hour isn’t the easiest, so Max eats first, then Felix and sometime after that – either after their bedtime or while standing/running around getting the kids ready for bed it’s our turn.. Safe to say, I can’t wait until Max can eat on his own, like his big brother, haha!




I got this long bib from The Organic Company HERE, it seems so smart to use both as a regular bib but also that it’ll catch the food that gets dropped on the long ride from the bowl into the mouth. With Felix we had a BabyBjörn bib but it just didn’t work out for him since he tipped it all out anyway.

I’ve also been thinking about getting a Gathre mat HERE for when he’s big enough to sit in a high chair, it seems so smart and it’ll save our light floors from the worst foodstains.




When Felix was small, the selection of babyfood in the danish shops were pretty bad, I remember ordering Ella’s Kitchen through Amazon from the UK (it was totally worth it) but now, you can find a much larger selection of organic/glutenfree/milkfree options. I found this porridge in our local grocery store and I was immediately exited to try it out for Max. I love that it’s milk free and that it’ll allow me to add breastmilk instead of cow milk – I’m also always a sucker for cute packaging. There were around 4 different flavours for 4+ months and also around 4 flavours for 7+ months.






The result? It seems that Max is pretty happy about food, he’s been drinking milk like a champ and the porridge was a big success, he almost ate the whole bowl!

I’m hoping that the prunes in the porridge will help him avoid a hard tummy and that he’ll have a good nights sleep. Now, at 4,5 months he only wakes 1-2 times a night to feed and goes immediately back to sleep. If I remember correctly, there’s a sleep pattern change by 5 months, so I’m crossing my fingers that he’ll be able to settle on his own quickly.

We’ll continue on the porridge diet and I’m so exited to soon give him all kinds of fruits, purees and similar when he’s able to sink and “chew” his food a bit more – BLW is so much fun and it’s so cool to introduce all the flavours to a baby for the first time (even though they get super picky about foods later on, I swear Felix could live on a diet of butter sandwiches if he was allowed..)





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