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I was just going in to get deodorant, I promise… but the baby was sleeping, the sale signs were everywhere.. and then I cheated on my capsule wardrobe. Already!?, you might think – but I’ll tell you – I did forget one important item in my capsule set-up. A pretty, sparkly dress. Non-the-less, it is in cotton so the material is a-ok AND the price was right.


It’s staying and I’m pretty stoked about it. It’s from STUDIO by Only (on sale now). Now, I’ll need to get rid of something from the “probably not going to use this anymore”-pile to even out the scores.


Normally, I try to stay away from the Sales, BUT you can get some pretty good prices on Linen, Organic cotton and wool, that’s worth keeping an eye out for. Kids clothes are always a good idea to get on sale – I’ve gotten a nice shortsleeved romper for Felix and I’m still looking for some swimwear for them both – a month to go until we get some sun on our (still) winter pale bodies!


Did you find any sale bargains yet?



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