Travel with kids - a direct route to grey hair




I’ve currently been all over anything green, more specific khaki/moss/sage green hues. It might be the weather thats made me look more at autumn colours rather than the “normal” summery bright shades.

I probably won’t paint any walls green though, just some pops of green here and there is plenty for me – for example I went for a bouquet of grass instead of flowers this Friday.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is about the colour of Felix wardrobe. It is painted in the most lovely green shade; Salvia 825 from Beckers (NCS S 4708-G31Y). I often think about repainting it but end up loving the green too much I never get to it.

Yesterday, I ordered some new linen bedsheets and kitchen towels in a khaki colour, can’t wait to get them home and upgrade the bedroom a bit! Linen bedding is my absolute favourite and they are so comfortable cool and perfectly messy to look at (and sleep in). Been wanting to find a set in a salmon/terracotta colour as well, but haven’t had any luck – do let me know if you would find anything similar – I’d be so happy for the help!










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Travel with kids - a direct route to grey hair