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Ah, Friday again. This week just flew by!

Yesterday we had a spontaneous pizza-picnic that looked very idyllic but that ended in a baby poopsplotion, a three-year old that rolled in coal, and two tired parents – totally worth it and we’ll do it again (what’s life without a little spontaneous adventure once in a while). Will probably bring back-up friends next time though!







We’ve started on a Friday candy tradition (to keep the sweets to a minimum during the weekdays) so Felix was all jittery when he woke up this morning “- It’s Friday candy day!”. When I pick him up from kindergarten we go just him and me and carefully select the few bits he’s allowed to have and he is so happy when he mixes his bag and pays for it. He proudly carries his bag home and can’t wait to dig away at it after dinner. It’s so cute.

After he falls asleep I get to open my candy and eat all that I want.. without holding back.. oh the perks of being an adult – no one telling me I have to restrain myself! Candy definitely is one of the things I can eat until I fall over.. and Swedish chips, how come the Danish chips taste so poorly?




baby feet



Max enjoys the whole tummy-time thing a bit more and automatically turns onto his belly at all times. He does it in his sleep as well which makes me freak a bit but I guess it’s just a matter of time before he rolls around and does all the big-boy things (stop growing little one!). He co-sleeps with us so I wake up and roll him over when I notice it, he does sleep really well and longer stretches on his belly (just like me, haha).





I have had the itch lately to get out of the house and go see and do something – so today I took Max with me in the stroller/wrap to just stroll around in the sunshine, looking up (not on the phone) and trying to find the prettiest buildings and back alleys and of course, finding the best cup of coffee. It was nice playing tourist in my own city for a while and luckily he slept a good part of the walk.

I ended up strolling into a shop to pick up a bikini I ordered (love in-store pick ups) and it was exactly what I’ve been looking for, a gold/beige one from Baserange…




…This one! Probably going to be my vacation uniform – white cotton shirt and golden bikini and hopefully a good tan on top of that! Bring it on!

The man is out for a dinner with a friend so I’m on kid-duty tonight but I don’t mind. I got a new iPhone today (finally) so I’ve been busy loading all of those 15.000 something pictures onto a backup and setting the new phone up – can’t wait to finally have a phone again that actually works, haha!

Hope you’ve had a lovely Friday too!



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