Fat and the moon

Golden fields and a little cry for help



felix field










We went for a spontaneous dinner at the old Flyvergrillen (a small shack by the airport here in Copenhagen) – eating french fries and watched the planes take off and land. The perfect way to end a day according a three-year old.

On the way home we passed a field and had to stop for an impromptu game of hide and seek in the tractor tracks, I love this season, hopefully the grass will grow higher and that we have time to go back again for some more photos!

Also a little question:

I’ve been a bit low on inspiration lately, it’s the whole two kids and no sleep that acts out on my creativity but I was hoping that you might have some ideas on what you’d like me to post more of? I’ve been thinking about making the blog more into a day to day journal but I’m not sure that would be interesting to anyone, haha!

So, I would appreciate if you made a little comment below on what you like to see more of and read more about – it would make me so happy!




  • Camilla

    Mere indretning, børnetøj, børneværelser og din egen garderobe 🙂

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • Marie

    Hej, så fine billeder du tager. Vil du fortælle hvilket kamera du bruger og hvordan du redigerer (hvilke filtre osv? ) tak!

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

      Hej! Jeg bruger et Samsung NX300 og plejer redigere i VSCO appen, oftest filter A6:) Det er selvfølgelig lidt forskellige justeringer af lys/saturation afhængig af billedets farver og lys fra gang til gang… Vh, Anna

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  • Dorothee

    Hi Anna,
    I love the mix of themes your blog is about, but I’m most interested in your posts about children (interior and clothes, everyday life, experiences and thoughts of a mother), so I really would love to read more about these things. I would definetely read your day to day journal :-). I think people don’t leave a lot of comments on blogs anymore and use Instagram instead, behause it’s easier, but I’m sure that doesn’t mean they don’t read your blog – I do and I find it so inspiring!! Your photographs are amazing by the way.
    Warm regards from Germany.

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

      Thank you so much for your inputs<3 /Anna

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  • Sylwia

    I would love to see a wardrobe tour of your boys ❤️ or a online shopping guide for all the beautiful interior stuff/ children clothes/ your beauty stuff… you are such an inspiration 😊 Thanks!!! Sylwia

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

      Thank you so much for your inputs, I really appreciate it! /Anna

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar


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