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I’ve had so many PM’s on Instagram since I posted about these rings, so I thought they deserved a post on their own:) We got these rings up this weekend and no one is happier than Felix. They are from the Finnish brand Lillagunga and we have the oak ones with the grey ropes. Felix immediately started doing all kinds of wild tricks and swings (I might end up regretting this, haha!). Luckily we have concrete walls and ceilings so I’m not concerned about the rings falling down – I’m considering getting some sort of a foam mattress underneath though, just in case it gets a little too wild.

The rain was pouring down all Sunday so it was the perfect time to stay inside and play – out came all the costumes; Spiderman, Batman and even Darth Vader got to try out the rings.



– My little Darth Vader –



Today, I’m spending the day buying the last things that we need for our holiday and getting the bags packed and ready – we always place the items we want to bring out on the dining room table a couple of days before so we can remove/add if we need, that way we know we got everything covered. Yesterday we went though our own stuff and today I’ll pack the kids things and the snack/toy backpack for Felix and Max:)

Have a great day!




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Autumn wardrobe - Bobo Choses