Italy, part two




We went blackberry picking this weekend and it’s something we’ve looked forward to all year. Even though we live in the capitol of Denmark we’re fortunate enough to live close to green areas as well – last year we found these giant blackberry bushes close to our home and made a little mental note to remember to pick as much as we can this year – that way we’ll have berries in the freezer that hopefully will last all through autumn and winter. Like a little bear-family, haha!

I froze them down in plastic bags – remember to lay the bag down flat and not overfill it so that the berries will freeze individually instead of in clumps. That way, you can use few berries at a time and not having to use the whole bag in one go. Perfect breakfast topping!

Today, I made some red porridge (the über danish treat “Rødgrød”) which basically is a sweet berry dish made with sugar and potato flour. I made my own plant based version though with some vanilla soygurt and granola together with the frozen blackberries on top, yum!






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Italy, part two