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Finding cool clothes and brands for my boys gets more and more fun as they grow.

Lately, Felix has been growing out of his 2-3 year clothes and I’ve cleared out and bagged a large part of his wardrobe to be saved for his little brother. After that boring task comes the fun part – finding new things in size 4! As he grows, his style keeps on changing slightly – both because the clothes needs to be practical as well as work well together. He now also have a firm idea of what he want and don’t want to put on in the mornings (label tags is a big no-no so those gets cut out, haha!).

He’s now somewhere between a toddler (baby-section) and a child so the clothes available is either a bit childish or really “grown up” which makes it a bit tricky finding the good stuff that fits his personality and style. I don’t mind browsing around for new things for him – the opposite – I think it’s so much fun finding cool brands and collections and I really must say, from the time he were a baby up until now, there’s so many more options when it comes to cool, playful and unisex minded pieces! It’s definitely going the right way!

I’ve found 4 brands that I wanted to share, I hope you like them and get inspired:

Repose AMS @repose.ams

I knew this brand from their amazing knitted blankets (that’s been on my wishlist since F was a baby) and after seeing their SS18 collection at CIFF Kids earlier this month I must say, I’m hooked on their kidswear as well! I also love the colour scale of the FW17 collection that just hit the stores and those knitted sweaters looks so dreamy! The striped pants are so cool! I’m currently obsessed with the retro socks from their SS17 but I can’t seem to find them in the right size anywhere.. gah! Have a look:






Pictures borrowed from Repose AMS.


Fish & Kids @fishandkids

I love the vibe of this spanish brand that aims to dress kids in a fresh and fun, unisex style. They principally work with natural fibres such as cotton and linen, all with a washed finish. I especially love the dark grey pants and the mustard coloured raincoat! Have a look at some of the FW looks here:






Pictures borrowed from Fish & Kids.



Milk & Biscuits @milkandbiscuitcrumbs

There might be something about those red and beige tones that’s doing it for me this fall but I can’t help loving the pieces from Milk& Biscuits. The wool coats looks amazing and the pieces can easily mix and match. The summer collection (on sale now) is also super fun and cool with the tiger prints and checks. Have a look:






Pictures borrowed from Milk & Biscuits.


Hundred Pieces @hundred_pieces

I can’t help but to love Hundred Pieces retro vintage sportswear vibe. I’m a sucker for statement tees and sweats and they do it so well! Their Instagram account is a real inspiration and radiates “childhood memories”- that might be one of the reasons why I think this brand definitely needs to be on this list. And if you haven’t guessed it already, the collection consists of 100 pieces of clothing that’s easy-to-wear. Have a look:






Pictures borrowed from Hundred Pieces.

I hope you’ve found some new favourites – I know I have!




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