Let’s talk about Dukkah



So maybe I’m way behind on this thing but I just discovered Dukkah the other day and wanted to share.. because really.. it’s THAT good!

We went to Gló (a veggie/vegan place in the bottom floor of the shopping dept. store Magasin here in Copenhagen – recommended!) this weekend and had some lunch – I ordered a bowl of falafel and spiralled veggies and on top of the bowl were a spoonful of Dukkah. I was instantly sold – how come I’ve never had it before? It’s a mystery.

You can buy it ready made in some places but it’s pretty simple to do it yourself (and probably cheaper too). I gave it a go a couple of days ago and I’m just hooked. I’m putting it on everything now, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The batch I made were with hazelnuts, pistachio and almonds but you can basically use any kind of mix you want depending on what you like the most.

Here’s my recipe – its a good batch (see 1 picture) and will last you a while:


2 dl hazelnuts

2 dl almonds

1 dl pistachios

2 dl sesame seeds

2 tablespoons grounded cumin (you can also use seeds)

2 tablespoons grounded coriander (you can also use seeds)

3 teaspoons flake salt (I like it salty)

2 teaspoons grounded black pepper

Start off by roasting the nuts on a pan. Transfer into the food processor. Roast the sesame seeds until slightly golden, then transfer into the food processor. Roast the cumin and coriander slightly and add into the food processor together with the salt and pepper. Blend the ingredients on a low speed until the mix becomes chopped – you don’t want it to be a fine powder, the nuts should be a bit chunky for it to be perfect.





I bought a delicious loaf of bread at the bakery today and dipped it in oliveoil+dukkah for lunch, yuuuum!




For dinner today, we’ll have some oven-roasted sweet potato, yellow beets and garlic that’s been “marinated” in oil and Dukkah together with Falafel and a tahini dressing – so good! Add in some feta cheese as well if you’d like!




It’s super easy too make and the usage is endless – try it as a topping on your soup, buddha bowls or even on your avocado sandwich!

Have you tried Dukkah before?



  • Ana

    Oh yummy ! That sound so delicious 😀

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • Anja

    Vi har brugt dukkah i lang tid, kan også anbefale gomashio istedet for salt, det smager skønt som ekstra krydderi.

    En helt anden tin, de fine mørke skåle/kopper på billede 1, hvor er de fra?

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

      Tak for tip! Det må jeg prøve næste gang! Skålene er fra Muubs:)

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar


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