Belly warming Coconut daal for the entire family

The end of an era and an exciting new beginning



I’m on my last few days of maternity leave and I’m finally starting to get some time “on my own” – Maximilian is in kindergarten during the morning hours (8-12) and takes his first nap over there + lunch. We’re actually trying two naps today, so I’m pretty excited to see how he’ll do without me for so many hours.

I first thought that I’d be so productive once I got a few baby-free hours but I’ve been on the lazy side not getting anything done at all… that’s alright though, right? Spending an hour just coping with the fact that it’s SO QUIET. It’s so weird.

So for these last days being “my own boss,” I’m taking advantage of the peace. enjoying the stillness, doing some meditation, reading a couple of photography books (I’ll tell you why in a bit) and re-charging before it’s back to business at work.



Pretty little jumpsuit from Aussie brand Summer & Storm.

Little Maxi is doing so well in kindergarten and he’s growing up so fast in front of my eyes. Babbling away, eating proper food (still toothless but those gums can chew HARD) and climbing on everything! He learned how to climb the stairs so we’ve had to block it with stuff until we get our hands on a proper gate. He can stand on his knees without holding onto anything and walks along the sofa and other furniture… we might have an early walker on our hands… gah!

Felix has also done some growing up in the last couple of weeks. He’s now DIAPER FREE! That’s right, didn’t think I’d be so excited about stuff like this but I’m so so proud of him. He’s been without a diaper during the days for a while now but finally, we could get rid of the night time diaper. We make him go to the bathroom before he goes to sleep and then we wake him up for a trip to the bathroom just before we go to bed ourselves to make sure he won’t have an accident and so far it’s been working great!


bedside pockets


You really loved this crib side pocket that I posted on my IG the other day, thank you for the love! It’s such a clever little thing (I can’t take all the credit for it since I made my own version of one I saw). It was pretty easy to make but I don’t have a pattern since it was done freestyle from memory, sorry!

Also in the picture is a new blanket from Garbo & Friends, I love their Roma collection that came out a couple of weeks ago, with little Pinocchios and pretty patterns. One of my favorite brands, the little mouse in the crib side pocket is also from there.




Look at the aperture on this baby! Can’t wait to try it out!


I’ve been floating around on little clouds the last couple of days mainly because I’ve finally felt like I’ve found home with one of my passions. During this maternity leave, I’ve had a chance to really up my photography and even though it’s something I’ve enjoyed doing “on the side” for myself for years and years (I even had a photography blog many many years ago) I never really invested into it.

Until this week! I’ve ordered a UH-mazing camera and lens (still waiting for the camera body though) and I’m so so excited to get started on getting to know the new gear. Hopefully, I’ll be able to up my photography and editing and be able to do some more advanced shootings. Also, to be able to get fantastic photos of my kids in these early years will be worth every penny spent.

So at this moment, I’m going all in on learning the tricks of the trade, reading everything I can get a hold on and watching youtube tutorials everytime I get a spare minute.

Watch this space, it’s about to take off!



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Belly warming Coconut daal for the entire family