A little mess

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So how awesome is it that I just got hit with a major cold right before I’m going back to work? JUST GREAT. I’m super grateful though that the kids are in kindergarten – hello restitution time! I get a little free time to take a warm bath, go back into bed, watch a couple episodes of House of Cards (just kidding, I’m binging RuPaul’s Dragrace) and drink buckets of tea and hopefully, I’m on my feet again next week.

Favorite tea at the moment?

Normally I’m a green tea/matcha kinda gal but I bought this white tea from Teministeriet the other day and I’m loving it. It kind of taste like peaches and strangely enough it tastes the way champagne feels – pretty hard to describe but it’s good. Also pretty cool that the brand comes from Sweden, but when you think of the design and quality of it – I’m not surprised. Not going away from coffee anytime soon but it’s nice to have tasty options!

I found the tea on THIS SITE (they also ship to the EU) if you’re interested – it’s not an ad link!

Also, I’m glad you’ve been writing me that you’d like to see some more ideas on what to get those darling kids for Christmas, I’m getting started right away with finding some great options!

It is quite funny though that you’re mostly replying via IG messages instead of in the original post here. Could it be because it’s too much of a hassle to add in contact information before posting a comment on the blog? No matter what, I love it when you send me little messages, it actually doesn’t matter if it’s here or via IG, keep on replying – it’s no fun without you guys!

Have a great day!




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