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little desk

Sponsored post in collaboration with Lirumlarumleg

We’ve been taking it very easy this weekend, both boys have been coughing (Max even got some fever) and I’ve been hit with another round of iridocyclitis (regnbuehindebetændelse)… safe to say we were all in need of some downtime, just staying indoors.

I picked up some parcels on my way home from work Friday, I finally got my camera body and I’ve managed to test it out a little (with my good eye) – it’s just amazing, I’ll make a blog post about it later this week!

In the other package was this lovely desk+chair set from the Danish brand Ferm Living – they’re part of the furniture collection called Little Architect. I’ve been wanting to make Felix´s room a bit more useful for him and to create a spot where he can have some time on his own, reading, drawing or building LEGO. This area to the right has been so hard to get together since it’s in the middle of his doorway and there’s also this big radiator on one side that’s blocking half of the wall – someday soon we’ll change it out for a smaller, floor-mounted one by the window instead.

We got the furniture from Lirum Larum Leg – you can find their selection of Ferm Living Little Architect HERE.


desk detail




I love that you can mix and match the colors of the furniture as you like, the shades work so well together, no matter what colors you go for. Felix table is the dark green and the chair is the grey one.

The little architect range also has clever little pockets for the table that you can use to store crayons, scissors or other things in.




clothes desk


desk detail




Felix loves his new area and immediately sat down to draw and look through his Tarzan and Bamse magazines (he found a big stash of them, all from the 80’s, on grandmas loft).

When Max gets bigger I might need to get him an extra chair, or maybe upgrade to a bench instead, so that they both can sit there. I’m dreaming of that day when they’ll both sit there quietly, playing with LEGO or something and I’ll get to drink my coffee in peace… hopefully it isn’t just a dream, haha!

Have a great Sunday evening, I hope you have had a wonderful weekend!



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