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We had a really nice weekend, first one with proper sunshine and with kids, that’s always a plus: Outside play makes my life so much easier. We’ve started to get the terrace ready for the summer days (and nights), still got a bit to go – I really want to set up a little plant section in one of the corners, but the sun is so strong right here that I’ve burned all the plants I’ve ever tried growing or planting.. (there’s that missing green thumb again). Only the date palm, rosemary bush and the cherry tree are alive and (somewhat) well, so I need to get creative.

We bought a gas burner so now we can sit out most of the evenings as well, since it still get pretty chilly when the sun is hiding and I’m so exited to be sitting here with a glass of rosé after the kids are put to bed.




The hammam towels in the pictures are from the swedish brand Ticking Stripes, so nice to bring with us to the beach this summer! I really want to pack light travelling with two kids for the first time, so it’s nice not to bring the big bulky towels all the way to Italy with us, but to use these instead.




Felix took baths and plays all day long in his fold out tub (that we also use for Max´s baths) out on the terrace and ran back and forth to the playground next door – where the multicoloured little house is in the picture. It’s a kindergarten during the weekdays, but in the weekends it’s open for the kids in our building to use. It’s so nice that he’s getting so big that he can be in there playing on his own.

On Saturday, we had some friends over for a barbecue – I made a quinoa/grilled veggie salad with avocado chunks – Yum! We were a bit concerned that we wouldn’t use the grill that much after trying to keep a mostly vegetarian diet but I’ve been grilling all kinds of vegetables almost daily – I don’t think I could live without it now!




It’s a short week here in Denmark, due to the public holiday and Felix’s kindergarten is closed on Friday so I’m enjoying the few days of peace and quiet before the long madness of a full house again! Tomorrow is passport-day for Max (almost forgot he needed one for summer travels).. oops, I hope the wait won’t be too long since it’s high season at the passport-office.

I hope you had a great weekend too, and are off to a good start of the week!



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