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Spring has finally arrived to the north and the Scandis are flocking to sit at outdoor cafés, under heaters and blankets to have coffee in the somewhat shy Mars sun (it is, in fact, still pretty darn cold, but who cares, we’re vikings, at least according to HBO).

We went to the beach and surprisingly enough it went pretty well. Max slept for the entire time and Felix threw no tantrums, only rocks.




We’ve been talking a lot about kindergarten and what becoming a big kid means – there’s many things going on in the little mans life at the moment (becoming a big brother, three-year old development, potty training) and on top of it all, saying bye to the world he knows at vuggestuen (mini-kindergarten) and saying hello to the new børnehave (kindergarten).




Ever since he was very little he’s had a very outgoing personality, always one step ahead of me, ready to move on to the next thing or person that catches his attention. He loves to watch Indiana Jones movies and doesn’t even flinch once during the scary scenes but gets strangely concerned whenever he sees a picture of Mickey Mouse. He’s that kind of kid that bravely runs off and hides at the grocery store (he’s often somewhere close to the Kinder eggs) and proudly talks to strangers at the bus stop. At the same time he’s a sensitive kid that’s full of love and that doesn’t want to feel left out.



He’s not the only one adapting to this new set-up, as parents we’re doing the best we can to keep up with all the new, unchartered waters we’re in. No one really prepares you on how to actually raise a child or how to handle their emotions as they run into different situations in life – we all know birthing and having a newborn is tough, but what comes after is actually just as scary and unpredictable. Luckily it’s also amazing and mind-blowing at the same time.

We left the beach a little more rosy-cheeked than when we got there, filled up with fresh sea air, homemade sandwiches and a certain three-year old with pockets full of rocks.



  • Dorothee

    Dear Anna,
    I follow your account on Instagram for a while now and am fascinated of your special beautiful style. Your blog is great, I’m happy you’ve startet it.
    Warm regards from Germany.

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      Hi Dorothee,
      Thank you for following – I’m so glad you like the blog, and feel free to let me know if there’s anything you would want me to write more about:)
      Have a great day,

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