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I normally don’t do that much decorating when it comes to public holidays – so far Felix haven’t been dragging anything homemade with him home from kindergarten, but when he does, I guess I’ll give in and proudly display it all around. So you’ve guessed it, no feathers and bunny props anywhere this year. We do like eggs though, and since egg is one of the proteins Felix doesn’t mind eating (he’s a flexitarian kid) – I’d thought we’d give it a go and dye some for the Easter weekend to come.




I wanted to dye the eggs naturally, with only plant based colours, to give them a rustic, soft look. I was aiming for earthy, terracotta/red colours so I made one batch with hibiscus tea and another one with yellow onion peels (from approx. 8 large onions). For each batch I also added some white vinegar.

Boil water together with the vinegar and onion/hibiscus for about 20 minutes to get all of the colours out. Strain the liquid and let cool. Always boil the eggs separately, so that they don’t get overdone. After the liquids cool off, soak the pre-boiled eggs for 30 minutes (if you want the colours more intense, just leave the eggs in the dye longer, or even overnight in the refrigerator).

The jar closest to the camera contains the onion mix. and the back jar contains the hibiscus mix.




I used a mix of white and brown eggs to get an even more distinct colour difference with the finished results. I love that the white eggs in the hibiscus mix turned out a bit rough and greige-ish, almost like small rocks. The eggs in the onion mix turned out a bit more orange/red.




If you want to try out some natural colours for your eggs, these are some plants/veggies you can use – remember to put in some white vinegar in the mix with the water as well!:

Yellow onion: Red/Orange

Beets: Pink

Red cabbage: Green/Blue

Hibiscus: Grey/Brown/Green

Turmeric: Yellow

Coffee: Brown

Spinach: Green







I tied some of them with pieces of rubber band to get a tie-dye effect. It turned out pretty cute!




Luckily the eggs were approved! Now I guess we’re going to have eggs with every meal for the rest of the week… Haha!



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Giveaway - Ollie_s_Out changing table