Pumpkin & Sweet potato soup

Autumn mood



This is almost turning out to be a food blog… don’t worry – I didn’t intend to post this here but you made me do it, so I blame you. I love spending time in the kitchen but I’m not the best at making desserts – I’m more of the “shake and bake” kind of girl, ready-made doughs are definitely my jam. You can always decorate it pretty afterwards, haha! I fell over this recipe of a Pear, goat cheese tarte yesterday and it looked just divine. Realizing it was basically 50% ready-made ingredients I immediately wanted to try it and I must say, ready-made puff pastry dough (butterdej) is a winner in my eyes, so easy!

I followed THIS recipe, I love the way it looks a bit more rough and rustic in comparison to other pear tarts or pies. It didn’t take much time to make at all and it was really fun and easy to put together. I used walnuts instead of almond flakes and it worked just perfect!

And here are some photos of the result!




autumn mood






While the tarte was cooling off, I got to thinking that I really want to change our kitchen countertop… I mostly take pictures of food on our concrete sofa table and I love the way the concrete looks in comparison to the wood. need to research a bit on where we could get a countertop made! It would definitely be a cool, industrial contrast and work well with the rest of the architecture in our apartment… If you know a good place in Denmark to get one made – let me know!

Now I’m off to pick up the boys – dinner is already made, we’re having the pumpkin soup that I prepared yesterday, yum! Have a great Monday!



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Pumpkin & Sweet potato soup