Simple hallway DIY

Shelves and a capsule wardrobe



I’ve been searching for the perfect wooden shelves for the dining area for so long and I’ve been so annoyed about having to have them custom-made (costing more than I want to pay) to get the length and depth that I was aiming for. And then, last weekend, when we went to the hardware store to get cord covers we ended up finding the shelves I was looking for – at a super low price! (Danish readers can find them here Jem & Fix & Silvan). I’ll stain them white eventually, so that they match the floor even more.




Pictured: Coffee cups from Kinto, wooden and terracotta bowls from Muubs, poster from Desenio and plates from House Doctor.






Finally, we have a place to put some of the souvenirs and things we have collected during our travels. The kabuki mask is from an antique flea market in Tokyo and the wooden bread tray is from a shop in Mumbai.




Since Felix got the chickenpox and my everyday routines got a bit more intensive and energetic, all of my focus have been on entertaining the two little boys. I always thought chickenpox would mean having a sick and slow kid at home, but he’s just like normal on the energy scale, just more contained (read: quarantined) and with dots on him. Luckily, he hasn’t been badly affected by it – most of the dots are on his back, torso and in the diaper area. The itchiness isn’t too bad either, the first night was a horror, but with a little bit of help from our friends we got a hold of some A-Derma Cytelium spray that have worked wonders for him.




As the sunny days (hopefully) are on their way, I’ve been inspired to put together a “Capsule wardrobe” consisting of few pieces that all mix and match with each other – approximately 30 pieces including bags and shoes. I’ve gone through my existing summer wardrobe and I realised, that even though I have a good stash of tropical caftans and dresses, those are not going to be the items I would go for daily, especially not with the unpredictable weather of Scandiland.

Therefore, I’ve tried to select some great go-to items with a focus on function, style and fit rather than brand and price tag. I’ve also found out that there’s a lot of things I’d love to buy – the wallet won’t allow me to go splurge though (I wish).

So I’m trying to make some of the pieces myself – it could end up a total failure – first up, a linen/cotton wrap skirt. If you’re interested, I’ll post some more about the progress of the capsule wardrobe as I gather the 30-something pieces.




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