Shelves and a capsule wardrobe

My May Hotlist





So, we’re already a bit into May and to be honest, it hasn’t been the best month so far. Luckily, Felix can go back to kindergarten today after a couple of days with the chickenpox (they are all completely dried out now, and so is my surplus energy).

Longing for time to sit and browse and get new ideas and pin new inspiration – until then, here’s my saved favourites from the past month.




Picture: Google Image, Shelf from Hübsch Interior


Interior crush

If I didn’t have a shelf similar to this already (see top photo), I’d definitely would want to get my hands on this double magazine rack from Hübsch. It works great as a shelf for books/magazines, you can even put framed art in it or use it to storage and hide the macbook in a stylish way.




Picture: Pinterest



My Pinterest is overflowing with the culotte-style pant, I’ve loved the style since I first got a pair last summer. This summer I’m definitely getting more, preferably in a lightweight material, such as linen or cotton. I’ve ordered this pair from Ellos that I hope will be great – they’re even on sale at the moment!




Picture: Angulus


Kids wear

I still haven’t found summer sandals for Felix yet. He’s worn Angulus in the cognac leather for the last summers but this year I think I need to get another pair that would work for kindergarten as well. They play around like wildlings and it feels like no shoes last longer than a month. I don’t like to be too concerned about things breaking or getting worn out, so better to have a couple pairs to change between.





Pictures: Pinterest. Aiayu, Skall Studios

Capsule wardrobe

No capsule wardrobe without a slightly oversized white shirt. I’ve been checking out the style Shirt from Aiayu and Skall Studios Piano shirt (on sale).



Pictures: Google, Grown Alchemist, Herbivore Botanicals

Beauty routines

One of my promises to myself this second pregnancy was to take better care of myself. I’ve invested in more serums and creams than ever before – ok, to be honest, my previous skincare regime were hand soap and water, pretty low maintenance to say the least. My May-wants is the Cream Cleanser from Grown Alchemist for the face and the Sea Mist salty spray from Herbivore for the hair.


Picture: Pinterest, Sunday Supply Co

Summer holidays

Originally, we weren’t planning on going abroad this summer, but after the loss of a loved one, we decided that it will be good to get away for a while. We’re thinking Italy and I’d love to bring one of these umbrellas from Sunday Supply co to get some shade during long days at the beach with the boys.



Picture: Pinterest, St. Agni, Blankens


Easy on, easy off is the way to go with a toddler, not just regarding his shoes but also mine. I’m getting some slides for this summer and if I’m allowed to dream (it’s my blog so I am) then my mind wanders off to The Bunto woven ones from St. Agni or The Vacay in black from Blankens.


Picture: Google


Terrace preparations

For the summer days at home, I’m currently looking for a vintage style galvanised bucket for the boys to bathe in. It gets really warm on our terrace once the sun comes out (it reflects on the neighbour building) so we definitely need some shade and water to cool off.






I’ve been making loads of Buddha Bowls, guacamoles and different dippings lately, so I got some new bowls to serve it up in. I got the Bowl Sandrine from Bloomingville and I love that it’s a bit rustic in the white, almost like an egg. I also got the serving tray in the same series, perfect for summer salads.







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