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Stay hydrated

Three Drinks


One of my main addictions at the moment is coffee – I don’t drink nearly the amount of water that I should be. Therefore, I went looking for some alternatives to get me to drink more water without just going for the straight-out-of-the-bottle/tap regular water. I’ve made three drinks below, all great for summer – and the last one is even a spiced up grown-up version for those summer night BBQ’s. I hope you’ll be inspired to stay hydrated with me!




Agua Fresca with apple and grapefruit

Agua Fresca is basically flavoured water, you can use what ever fruits/juices/veggies you’d like to make these luxury versions of water.

Just like with patterns, I’m a bit of a rebel when it comes to recipes as well, take as much of each as you’d like – if you want it more sweet than sour, use more of the apple than the grape.

To make this large glass I used:

1 dl Sweet apple juice (not from concentrate) – I used Cox Orange apple juice.

1/2 Grapefruit


Top it up with ice cubes and water




Agua Fresca with watermelon, raspberries and lemon

Another flavoured water recipe, for this glass I used:

1 dl blended watermelon

A small handful of raspberries – also blended

1 lemon

Top it off with ice cubes and water and you’re good to go!





Watermelon slushy, also knowns as Watermelon Frosé for the grown-ups

Kids and Grown-up kids version:

Chop a watermelon up into steaks, and then cut them into small cubes that you freeze for a couple of hours. Take them out and blend them together into a smoothie. Blend some spearmint along with the watermelon cubes if you want to add flavour to it.

Grown-up version:

Do the same as with the kids version, just add some rosé wine into the mix as you blend it – add a little lemon juice and enjoy!

I love that they are all super-easy to make and the flavour combinations are endless! I think I’ll make a big batch of Agua Fresca with cucumber and lime for this weekend – Yum!




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