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It’s been the most amazing pre-summer weather today, finally! I even got burned a little bit while walking with the stroller in the sunshine, it’s seriously the best time of year to be on maternity leave!

So glad I still got a couple of months to go though – I registered Max today for kindergarten (planning to start sometime in October), I’ve applied for him to go to the same place as Felix, so that they can see each other during the day. I’m so happy about the kindergarten Felix goes to, the teachers are very sweet and they activate the kids all day long, Felix tells me everyday about what he’s been up to and the kindergarten lets the small kids play with the big kids during the days so if you have siblings, they can be together and play if they want to. I really hope he gets in, it would be fantastic in terms of dropping off/picking up efficiency as well.

Today, after picking Felix up, we went to get some peas – it might be a very danish thing to do, but it definitely felt like summer for a while. I’m just glad he’s snacking on something healthy and green.




Carefully cracking them open and picking the peas out, a great way to pass the time while I’m busy prepping dinner.




Max got through chickenpox like a champ, he didn’t get that many (I just hope there was enough to make him immune) and he’s all good again – I’d booked him in for his 3 month vaccine and went over to the doctors just to be sent home again – apparently they made a mistake and wanted to wait even longer to make sure the chickenpox is completely out of his system and so that his immune system is ready for the vaccine, so we just have to wait a little longer.

I also found out that there’s no tooth coming – the itchiness in Max’s mouth were due to thrush on his tongue so hopefully he will be better and less cranky soon when the medicine kicks in. I seem to have forgotten how many things kids can catch – the different symptoms and diseases just seem to keep on coming and now there’s two that can be sick. Gah!

Having kids just seem like a never-ending rollercoaster ride of chaos, don’t believe all the pretty photos (they’re just nice to look at) – reality is much more messy. Here’s 5 things I didn’t think I’d do as a mom:

  1. Don’t plan anything and embrace the unexpected. A trip to the grocery store or post office is now officially an adventure and a mission to mars compared to before. Will there be tears? Yes, most definitely. Will I surrender in the candy aisle? Yes, I will.
  2. Mommy brain. I can hang up the phone just to call back right away asking what I was supposed to buy. Chickpeas. Arriving at the supermarket just to text: “Can’t remember. what was it I was supposed to pick up again?!”. Chickpeas. Coming home to unpack groceries: “Damn. Forgot the chickpeas.”
  3. Becoming a boring adult. Doing and saying all those adult things, you know which ones I mean. I can hear that inner voice telling me: Stop. Don’t be such drag. But somehow I still say things like: “- Don’t run around without pants on, it’s a funeral party.”, “- Don’t put your finger in your brothers eye.”, “- Hold your glass with both hands. Both hands. Both hands. BOTH HANDS!”, “Don’t drink bathtub water.”, “Do you have to pee? Do you have to pee now? Don’t you think you should try to go pee now??”.
  4. My world evolves almost entirely around body fluids. I’m now a pooper scooper with legs.
  5. Singing songs about everything and anything. Come by my house to hear small jingles about onions, dancing bears or tiny socks in a lovely off-cue singing voice. Nothing like a little serenade about diaper cream in the morning. Even the three-year old is starting to give me weird looks.



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