A little yellow

yellow dungarees










I fell over these dungarees the other day and even though they’re a bit more colourful than what I normally would wear, I had to buy them! There have been a few questions on IG about them and where they are from, so I had to dedicate a post to them.

I bought them at Monki, the yellow ones are unfortunately sold out online but the indigo blue version is still available, you can get them HERE. I bought mine at one of their physical stores so it might be worth checking the stores out, they had some left in Copenhagen (Field’s) at least.

They’re made of soft denim and fit quite loose so they’re the perfect item for playing with my boys or eating food in general (I’d dress them up with a pair of heels too, for a date night – the shoes in the picture are from BilliBi)! I’m in a size XS.

I hope you’re having a great Sunday so far, we’ve been taking it easy all day!









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