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Baby favourites

baby favourites


So, we’re finally back home again and somehow I’m not sad about it… might be because there’s loads of fun things to come these following months that’s left of my maternity leave. I still have many pictures I haven’t shared yet from Italy (the wifi connection wasn’t really the best), that’s coming up!

Just realised I hadn’t posted this one before we went so here it is – some of my favourites for Max at the moment, mixing warmer and lighter items – it is a Scandinavian “summer” after all!

I’ll make a small list with links in the bottom of the post to all of the items if you want to know where they’re from:)


baby favourites2



Max have just grown out of his other MiniMocks so we can finally break in the dark grey/greenish ones (the model is called Monk), love the colour for fall! They fit snug on his foot and doesn’t fall off like other models we’ve tried earlier.

The changing bag is from Bonet et Bonet and is amazingly soft and pretty (almost a shame that it’s for diapers really, haha), I never had a diaper bag with Felix because I felt that they were all so practical and not very pretty (the same reason I hate buying socks, haha) so I never bought one back then. I get asked all the time when changing Max in public changing rooms about where this one is from – will definitely keep using it for myself when he doesn’t need it anymore, mine is in the “Mushroom” colour. I’ve also been thinking about getting the diaper clutch from the same brand, it’s just gorgeous!




The weather here is quite unpredictable and it can be really warm in the sun and suddenly so chilly when it’s windy or you’re in the shade. I love to mix the bloomers with stockings to be able to layer up or down depending on the temperature. Also, the sweat is supersoft on the inside (no itchies) and with a body underneath it can also easily adapt.

The little mouse is so cute, Max haven’t gotten any teeth yet but it seems to be itching from time to time – he loves to bite on the leather ears and the ring makes it easy for him to hold on to it.

A favourite of mine since he was a newbie is the Solly wrap – I don’t use it as much as I did before since he has grown a bit and the ring sling can sometimes be easier to get on and off when were out and about now when he’s bigger but nothing can beat how soft and cosy the Solly is. If you’re having a newborn I’d highly recommend this one! I’ve gotten them from the US webshop so there can be customs charges if you’re in the EU like me – I’d still say it’s worth it! I have the AJJ x Solly (in the picture) and the Camel ones.

Here’s a list of the items:

MiniMocks Baby mocks – They are sold out on the webshop but there’s other cute models HERE

Bonet et Bonet changing bag – HERE

Monsieur Mini bloomers – Not on the webshop but they have loads of other cute items from the summer collection on sale HERE I’ve also found a similar pair of bloomers HERE

Bobo Choses sweatshirt – HERE

Garbo & Friends Mouse teether – HERE

Solly wrap – AJJ version HERE and the Camel version HERE





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