Postcard from Italy

Little wanderer and some more food



Almost every day we go for a little walk down to the local fruit market to get some new fruits and vegetables. It’s amazing how much better the produce taste here, you can taste the sunshine! It’s also such a nice thing to do with Felix, we talk about the different veggies and he gets to smell them, see their shapes and sizes and select just the ones he wants for the day.

On the way over to the market, there’s a little blackberry bush that he gladly stops at to pick and eat until his mouth is all dark purple from the berries, haha! All good things in life are wild and free.. isn’t that what they say?!




wild child


walking shoes


He won’t stop for anything these days, even though he’s going for it 120% in the pool (and in the sun) he just won’t pass out for a small nap – me, on the other hand, could use a nap before 8 AM already, haha! So sometimes you just have to put the kid in a tree to get some sharp(er) photos of him!

He’s wearing sunglasses from H&M, a jumpsuit from Le Petit Germain and leather sandals from Bisgaard here. He’s been using those sandals pretty much all days this summer so they’re already worn out, just like they should be – with a little shoe polish they’ll hopefully be fine again for Max to inherit.





– Max is such a foodie, he tries to get a hold of everything we eat and wants to taste it all, still breastfeeding though which is a plus in this heat, he’s definitely not dehydrated –


dinner outfit




I could go on and on about the quality of food here, the other night we tried a new (for us) restaurant here in the small town and we were totally surprised how good it was. The interior of the place wasn’t anything to cheer about but they had the tastiest pizza dough and an amazing tuna dish – we had to come back again the next day to have another round.

We’ve been having a small break with the vegetarianism while we’re here in Italy, they don’t have super many non-meat options in this town. So unless we want to cook our own food every day we’re having some meats once in a while – they do have soya milk in the supermarket so at least I can get my morning coffee the way I’m used to.

We have a small kitchen in our apartment here so we’re cooking a lot of food ourselves, especially for lunch. I’m definitely missing our dishwasher by now… I can’t believe we lived without one when Felix was little – washing up is such a waste of time, haha! It’s one of those everyday luxuries I can’t imagine living without again.







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