Blendermania - and a little Romanesco sauce





This weekend have just flown by, I guess that’s what happens when the sun is out and the days get a little bit brighter and more easy going. Spending time outside with kids is just a lifesaver – even though both me and A got the worst case of allergies at the moment (grass/hay, birch, flowers, you name it..), it’s worth being out.

Max is doing OK in the sudden heatwave – he gets loads of baths on the terrace and does tummy time butt naked to keep him happy and cooled down.




Before I got pregnant with Felix, me and A got slightly obsessed about this little body from a (now old) Bobo Choses collection. I searched everywhere but it was all gone by the time I was pregnant and amazingly enough I got a hold of one… three years later… pretty cool to see Max wear it now – although it’s going to be too small before the end of the summer.. well well, it came full circle after all.




frozen fruit


Max wasn’t the only one enjoying the baths on the terrace. We haven’t gotten a kiddy pool yet, due to the crappy weather up until now so the Stokke bath have been used as a outdoor pool on the sunny days. I’ve been busy making loads of frozen fruits for Felix to nibble on in the heat, pineapple and watermelon are safe winners and it’s always a plus when you’re allowed more than one ice-cream (little does he know..).

Just push two BBQ sticks through the fruit or buy ready made ice-cream sticks, and you’re good to go.





Our grill have been working full-time so far this year and this weekend we had some friends over for a small BBQ. I made a cucumber/edamame salad and a cauliflower/jerusalem artichoke creamy sauce to go with the different meats and veggies. Make long, thin cucumber strips by using a peeler to give the salad a little twist.





When passing a playground in the neighbourhood yesterday, we noticed that the elderflower bushes were in full bloom. And honestly, it was a shame to let all those bouquets go to waste so I sneaked back and “saved” some of them. I’m going to make some elderflower lemonade and even some elderflower ice-cream (if I can figure that out). Felix helped prep the bouquets and its currently in our fridge where it’s going to sit pretty for a couple of days until it can be finished.

This week will be a short one, we’re off to Sweden on Thursday for a long weekend to celebrate Swedish midsummer. We’re spending one night at a hotel in Gothenburg and the rest of the days we’ll be staying in a house on the west coast that belongs to my aunts family. After growing up on the west coast (island girl – although not the tropical kind), I’m so exited to go back again this summer and have a great time with my family. It’s supposed to be raining but maybe there will be just enough sunny hours to put on a flower crown and dance by the boat house.

I’m exited to see how both boys will do in the car on the way up. Also, I just realised we’ll be flying with two kids for the first time later this summer – Felix is getting pretty good at flying by now, but wow, it will be an interesting task having our hands full with both of them!

Have a great week!



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Blendermania - and a little Romanesco sauce