Small livingroom update

A trip to the beach



It’s been a bit quiet over here, since the weekend were a 4 day weekend for me and the kids, due to the public holiday as well as the kindergarten being closed on friday. Safe to say, I’m pretty worn off by now. Working full-time before the maternity leave, I was really looking forward to the weekends to relax, but now it’s more quiet around here during the weekdays – so I’m trying to enjoy that time to the fullest, soon everyday will be non-stop action:)

The weather have been amazing and we’ve spent the days outside, which is the best solution for small, restless legs. Picnics in the shade and even a small trip to the beach.

The water were so cold and after a while the sun went into hiding and the cooler winds came in. But it was nice to start the summer season with an official first trip to the beach. I’m pretty glad we’ve booked two weeks in Italy in the end of the summer though. Well, you know, just in case those cold winds doesn’t get much warmer.














Felix have been swimming with arm-rings all winter at the local in-door pool and he’s getting so good at it – still can’t loose the rings, but I’m hoping by next summer that he’ll be able to swim on his own. He jumps and dives with his head under and doesn’t get scared at all, he just loves being in the water.

I hope you had a great weekend, hopefully this week, I’ll have a little more time on my hands – which means a little more updates:)



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