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I’ve been visiting the CIFF kids fairs for quite a while now. I started going just for fun when was expecting Felix, to look around and to see all the new collections – it’s such a fun experience and I love getting inspired and exited for the seasons to come!

This time I brought Max along – he’s normally so sweet and calm in the stroller but he was a bit stressed out today (might be a bit of post-holiday stress) so it wasn’t the easiest keeping him calm and happy, luckily I had my Solly wrap and my friend Amanda and her girl Parisa with me so it was a great day after all. Also, it was so much fun meeting a lot of people, both from Instagram and also the people behind the brands – Thank you for being so kind and for coming up to say hello!

I went to see some of my favourite brands and there were also some new ones that I haven’t seen before – I tried taking as many photos as possible of the items I loved the most but so you know; there’s also many brands at the fair that have a strict no-photos-allowed rule that I of course respect. Below is a whole bunch of lovely things coming for SS18 that I was approved of sharing, I hope you like the little sneakpeak!








Sproet & Sprout @sproetensprout

The first stand I went to see was Sproet & Sprout, a dutch brand that I didn’t know before seeing them at the fair. The thing that pulled me over was the colorscale and the cool japanese vibe, they had the cutest pair of japanese kids shoes on the table that I of course completely forgot to take a picture of. Throw in some mustard golden tones and indigo and I’m sold! The collection is called Sea you in Tokyo and it’s full of maritime patterns and indigos mixed with the japanese waves. The little puffer fish is also a favourite of mine and reminds me of the Mini Rodini fish bedding that we have and love. The swimwear were so cute and simplistic, generally I saw loads of great swimwear from many brands – it’s been so hard finding good pieces for the boys and I’m exited that there’s plenty to choose from next summer!




My favourite print!




Monsieur Mini @monsieur_mini

Monsieur Mini is a favorite staple – they have such soft and playful items and the prints are always cute and discreet. The sweatpants are a must have for Felix, even his dad comments on how great they are, that doesn’t happen a lot, haha! I loved the greenish grandpa shirt with the small bears on it and lucky me it’s part of the AW17 collection that hits the stores soon, so I don’t have to wait too long for it!

From the SS18 collection my favourites were the dark grey linen pants and the white grandpa shirt (seen in the third picture), also the linen bonnet with the sun visor, so practical and cute!





My mini label @myminilabel

Another new brand (at least for me) is My mini label – they had the sweetest playmat (folded in the first picture) and I also fell in love with the bed bumper – the sewed pattern detail is so sweet and discreet. It’s organic and that’s always a huge plus in my book!





Love the muslin bedding! They will also come in adult size!




These stars are so precious!


The softest kimono and cashmere for kids.



Bonét et Bonét @bonetetbonet

This brand is one of those “I want it all”-brands. The details and materials of each item is just amazing and even the stand at the fair was just dreamy and complete. They have made the most exquisite pieces of clothing for SS18, dresses, nightgowns and kimonos as well as their beautiful cashmere and wool items. Some of my favourite items were the child kimono, the muslin bedding as well as the bed bumpers – the ones with the stitches have a cool vintage look and the sleek ones that’s stuffed with foam have a zipper all the way that makes it super easy to wash them! The little knitted seahorse that plays music is also so cute.





Minimalisma @minimalisma

I don’t think anyone have missed that I love the Minimalisma silk/cottons for summer – they also have a great range of organic cotton basics and now they will have them in a golden/mustard colour as well as a dark grey one – looks and sounds perfect to me! Something new was also the mommy items – tank tops and dresses in the silk/cotton material! The little body with the flutter wings (as seen on the big wall) was also so so cute.





The Sleepy Collection @thesleepycollection

Swedish brand The Sleepy Collection had some great basics in the softest organic pima cotton. I love that they have discreet and practical bodys and rompers – I’ve been looking for a wrap body that goes beyond size 3 months – no need to look anymore – they have it! Also, the kimono style romper that can be used for so long is also a favourite of mine, the one in the picture have been handdyed with blueberries to get the pattern-effect, how cool is that! They also had the softest pima cotton coats for mommies.




Nofred @nofred

We know Nofred from their mouse-ear chairs and tables but I couldn’t help to fall madly in love with the new keychain – Max (and Felix) always take my keys so it’s such a clever little rattle and hopefully Max can keep his fingers away from mine – these are a bit more soft and clean!




Loullou @loullou

There were loads of wooden activity play gyms at the fair (so refreshing with alternatives to the crazy colour ones, finally!) but my favourite was the one from Loullou – with loads of different options to hang in it, so sweet! Or customise it yourself with things you’ve made or bought, the holes in the top makes it easy to change the hanging items out.




Loved these muslin shirts!




Such a clever bib with straps for the arms so it stays put.





Konges Sløjd @kongessloejd

When we got to the Konges Sløjd stand it was in a little bit of a mess, and it was in it’s right to be – the many new products are just amazing so I can understand why everyone wanted to get their hands on it all – many favourites in new colours (burgundy reds and mustard golds) and also new items such as fantastic swimwear (that also comes in navy with gold) and little jackets as well as little and big kimonos with stripes and a new, darker pattern thats just divine! The little lemon print is so sweet and I’m a bit sad that Max is so big now, I wish they had it when he was a newborn! Another favourite that I forgot to take a picture of is the little “pockets” that you can hang on the side of the baby’s bed – to keep pacifiers and other soothers in, in case you need some during the night.






Ferm Living Kids @fermlivingkids

I’ve been looking for some new furniture for Felix’s room, to change it a bit from play to more developmental – I love the little desk and chair from Ferm Living Kids that come in many different colour options to mix and match. The pillows and little tin storage boxes are also super cute details! The wall paper in the picture with the furniture is also designed by Ferm Living Kids and it’s a cool but discreet one that would look great in any kids room!




Olliella @olliella

I was so exited to see this Australian brand at the fair, it’s the brand that our changing table basket is from and I absolutely love the little pull-along basket on wheels as well as the bike-bag and picnic bags, I hope there’s some danish shops that’ll take these in so I can get some more baskets in our home (sorry hubby)!





Huba Goods @hubagoods

A totally new brand is Huba and I couldn’t help loving the playfulness that their pieces have – I know Felix would go crazy playing with the little shop, kitchen and woodshop bench. The soft little mats and poufs triggers kids creativity to build and assembly in different ways. It might be a bit pricey for the average home but I can totally see this concept work in kindergartens!


sticky lemon


Sticky Lemon @sticky.lemon

Sorry about the blurry picture but I could help snapping a quick picture of the Sticky Lemon booth while Max were in the wrap. A new brand for me to see and I liked the simple but cute bags and pouches that you could “make your own” using the stick on patches, great as “first schoolbag” I could imagine!


And then something on the no-pictures-allowed brands

First up, Bobo Choses – I can’t understand how every collection can be so good? Just take my money already, haha! The collection is called never-ending summer and it’s vintage-inspired as always with loads of beautiful prints. The bananas makes a comeback and theres still some organic cotton pieces, yay! Also, UV swimmers – so, so cute! That’s all I’m going to say, just know, they won’t disappoint!

And a little something on Mini Rodini because I know you’re wondering.. If you’ve been following along since Felix was a baby, you know by now that I’ve been a big MR fan, mostly the older prints and items, though. The most current collections haven’t really made my heart beat any faster. I’m not sure why – I still love what they stand for and the work they do with the fabrics and materials but the SS18 wasn’t anything for me this time either. Maybe you’ll love it when you see it but this is just my opinion.

I wish I had time to see some more stands (or time for lunch or coffee for that matter, haha) but since Max needed some peace and quiet it was definitely time to get moving sooner than later – I’m so happy that I managed to visit this time around and I’m already looking forward to the next one!





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      Det fanns så himla fina märken och grejer på mässan, sjukt kul att se vad som kommer! Är ju totalt avundsjuk på alla amerikanska märken du kan få tag på men jag gissar att det är lika frustrerande för dig att inte ha så lätt att shoppa skandinaviska/europeiska märken?

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