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My Copenhagen – Islands Brygge & Westmarket



Second part of my “My Copenhagen” guide actually covers two locations; Islands Brygge and Westmarket. The first, is a whole neighbourhood by the water where you can find plenty of small cafés and shops. Easiest way to get there is to take the metro and stop at the “Islands Brygge” station.

First, since we don’t function that well without coffee in the morning, we passed by Wülf and Konstali for a caffeine fix (and a little cinnamon roll for the boy).


coffee break




Islands Brygge have a lot of pretty details, like this spot – it’s hard not to love a wall that’s covered in Wisteria!

We made our way to the playground, it’s located right by the water – it’s a great place to play AND it has the prettiest view overlooking the water with the centre of Copenhagen just on the other side. Felix loved the “scary” bridge, it took him a while to dare to climb and cross on his own, but when he dared, we could hardly get him down! Unexpectedly, the drinking fountain was also a hit, so funny watching him try to drink the water without getting completely drenched (it’s the little things)!

Islands Brygge also have these amazing flea markets during the summer (you might have seen my haul in my insta-stories), there’s loads of stalls by the water and it’s quite a popular event, so come early (they normally open at 10AM) to get the goodies.

Flea market dates for 2017 is: 25/6, 30/7, 20/8, 10/9, 1/10.






After playing all morning, we walked over the bridge to Vesterbro – the bridge is covered in locks and pacifiers, almost like the ones in Paris. The pacifiers hangs on the bridge as a ceremonial “goodbye” for the kids who no longer need/want them. Felix thought it was funny but he came to the conclusion he still kind of likes his “Sutti”, so we will come back another day to say our proper goodbyes.




We had lunch at the newly opened Westmarket, located on Vesterbrogade 97. It can be a little hard to find at first, but after going through a dark entrance hall, there’s loads of different foodshops and restaurants inside. The best part is that it’s inside, so you can enjoy eating there no matter how the weather’s like (we all know that it can change quite fast here) – there is a small courtyard though, where you can sit outside on the sunny days as well.

This time, we got food from Kiin Kiin and it tasted great! Felix fell for the vinegar fries (of course) from Duck It. I love the fact that you can get your food from the different places and all gather to eat at the long tables located in the middle of Westmarket, so everyone can get the cuisine that they like for the day.

Last time I went, I got the fish and chips from Fish & Lobster – also delicious!







We had a great time walking around all day, luckily when the metro opens at Enghave Plads, it will become even more accessible  to get to Vesterbro and Westmarket for us. It definitely is worth a visit (or two)!




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