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Autumn wardrobe – Bobo Choses



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I love Bobo Choses and it seems like their collections just keeps on being amazing (read: like I, ehrm the kids, need absolutely everything). I’m so glad I discovered the brand back when Felix were little so I have had some time to collect some really great pieces – Max is one lucky kid that gets to inherit all of the goodies, I’ll show you the stash one day!

My absolute favourite collections from Bobo must be the farmers market one “Petit Grocery Jean Gustav”, with all the fruits and vegetables (S/S-13) and of course all the thin grandpa shirts from A/W -13 and -14. One of the reasons I specifically love the older collections was that they were made with organic materials and for a while Bobo stopped using organic – until now. The F/W 17 collection “Dear World” is made with 60% organic cotton and they’ve also used recycled polyester and biodegradable plastic bags! Besides from being a gorgeous, playful collection that’s inspired by the sea, the environmental focus of “Dear World” is a huge plus in my book!






I chose a few pieces for both Max’s and Felix’s wardrobes. I fell in love with the little fishermans dog – Max got the grey sweatshirt and the yellow zip (Felix used the zip models all the time when he was little so I know it’s a great piece to layer with this fall!) with the dog print.

Felix got the grandpa shirt (I always go for the grandpa models, they seriously  are the best) in the lighter color that will go well with the rest of his wardrobe as well as the soft sweatpants with the seal print. Both the sweatpants and the baby sweaters are supersoft on the inside – no chance for angry kids shouting “- It itches!!”, haha!







– Happy baby boy! –

Max is in 6-12 months and Felix got the 4-5 years. The Bobo collections can differ from season to season in the sizes and this time I think they fit more according to size based on the stuff we got. The 4-5 grandpa top sits perfectly on Felix now, still a little long in the arms though. Max fits the 6-12 zip fine with a little arm roll. It’ll rain all week so the boys can start wearing their fall pieces right away, haha!

I definitely need to get some more pieces for the boys from this collection, the fall items have just launched but they tend to sell out quickly in some of the pieces, so it’s good to be fast to secure your favourites in the right sizes –  I love the pyjama suits (always a favourite) and the little back packs are so cute!

Do you have any favourites from the Dear World collection?



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