Summer Capsule Wardrobe

summer capsule


After having kids, I’ve tried to find a style that works well for me as a mother but with a stylish everyday look. Before kids, my summer wardrobe pretty much consisted of flowy, colourful caftans and dresses, high heels and mini shorts. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not the most practical and to be honest, I don’t have that much time during the day to select outfits anymore.

Felix wardrobe works great when all his pieces go well together so I thought I’d try putting together a capsule wardrobe for me this summer – consisting of approximately 30 pieces all in all.

To get inspired, I turned to Pinterest (which is the holy grail of inspiration). There, I browsed around, looking for street style combinations, colours, materials and just the right kind of pieces that would fit my body type. It’s a great start when you have limited time to go into shops as well!


My recommendation for any capsule wardrobe would be to go with a coherent colour scale, pieces that can mix and match as well as a mix of materials. For example, use denim, linen, cotton, silk and other natural materials to create a depth in your outfit and a nice layered look. To spice the capsule wardrobe up, add in a couple of pop-coloured or patterned pieces that are fun and represent your personality for parties or days when you want to be a bit more colourful.

After finding some looks I liked, I got started:

Step 1. Look into your own wardrobe to see if you already have some of the items – because buying everything from scratch is fun, but not that economical in the end.

Step 2. Browse around to find the missing pieces and also to find the best prices and styles. Don’t forget looking at places like flea markets, local buy and sell apps/websites and similar to keep the cost down – I’ve found some of my favourite pieces this way! Use Pinterest to remember favourite looks and combinations or to make a mood board of your desired style.

Step 3. Put together the wardrobe, see if you’re missing something and make combinations of the pieces you’ve got – take pictures of them with your phone or similar to remember for those days when you’re in a hurry or uninspired.


style collage


You can see some of the pictures I pinned on Pinterest in my “Summer looks” folder above. I felt that they represented the look and vibe I was going for very well. A light after-beach meets cool city girl. If you follow me on pinterest you can see some of the other looks I have selected.

Soon, I will start up a folder for autumn as well – I do think a lot of the pieces I selected for summer transition very well into the fall wardrobe.


wardrobe pieces

My 30-something pieces are:


Striped linen mix dress (Here)

Striped linen dress (Here)

Black strap dress (Here)

Black t-shirt dress (Similar here)


Basic cotton T-shirts (Here)

Basic linen tank tops (Here)

Silk strap top (Similar here)

White loose fit blouse (Similar here)

Cotton tank top with ties on shoulder (Here)

Striped off shoulder blouse (Similar here)


Mom jeans (Similar here and here)

Black slim jeans (Similar here)

Denim shorts (Here)

Wrap skirt (Mine is DIY, Similar here)

Linen shorts (Here)

Linen culottes (Here)

Grey culottes (Here)


Leather jacket (Similar here)

Japanese style jacket

Chunky knit (Similar here)

Floral duster (Similar here)

Shortsleeved Kimono


Black leather ATP sandals (Here)

Isabel Marant Poppy heels (Here)

Suede mules (Similar here)

Birkenstock sandals (Here)


Chanel Boy bag

Rattan bag (Similar here)

Market Basket (Similar here)

Baker Boy hat (Here)

Straw hat

For the airy, after-beach look I tried to create a mix of natural materials such as organic cotton, linen and straw. Flat shoes such as the Birkenstock and mules works great together with the pieces and are also practical. To dress it up, I’d use a pair of black leather sandals instead.




DIY skirt


To get the city girl vibe, I chose some darker colours together with the white – black, navy and denim. Add in stripes and a neutral pattern to make the outfits a bit more exiting and to dress it up a bit more. I love the baker boy hat for those bad hair-days.




As you may have noticed, I still have a lot of warm pieces in my summer wardrobe – the weather here is quite unpredictable so it was necessary to have a couple of things to layer the thinner pieces with. I chose an open, chunky sweater – still in a light colour though! The leather jacket is always a must have in the summer time, although I have it in a grey/greenish colour instead of the regular black to make it more summery and light to blend into the rest of the colour scale.

I chose shorts over skirts this time, since I felt that since I will be running around with the kids, I don’t want to risk showing my underwear to every one passing by when it’s windy, haha!


summer look




The most versatile piece in the wardrobe must be the black leather sandal, since it works just as great with an everyday look as well as dressed up together with a black strappy dress.

I got the “Rosa” model in black from ATP Atelier, that gives the wardrobe a twist with its design. I got it at GrowingFeet.dk and I’ve been so lucky to be able to hold a giveaway together with them, where you can win a pair of ladies sandals of your own choice from their webshop!

The giveaway is not open worldwide, that means that you can only participate if you have a Danish adress.

To participate, see the giveaway post that is up later today on my Instagram. The giveaway will end Friday the 16th of June at 8PM CET.

Sponsored post// The giveaway is sponsored by Growingfeet.dk 

Good Luck!




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