We celebrated Swedish Midsummer (summer solstice) by taking a long weekend roadtrip up to the Swedish west coast to spend some time with my family.

Driving up from Copenhagen takes about 4 hours so we decided it was for the best to have a stop and a nights sleep in Gothenburg before driving the last kilometers.

In Gothenburg, we didn’t really have any plans or must-do’s which was really nice so we just walked around looking for cute little places and playgrounds.


jumping into the weekend


We stayed at the Scandic Rubinen hotel, located on one of the main streets in the city centre (Avenyn). It was really a great place and the breakfast were exceptionally good with a great selection of plant based alternatives – I’m generally surprised how ahead Sweden is on plant based eating, even the small food stores had a great offer of vegetarian/vegan foods.

Conveniently we timed the trip with Max’s development leap (fussy, annoyed baby) and a stubborn and noisy three-year old so we didn’t really enjoy the lounge-y vibe. Felix spent breakfast pretending he was a bunny and could only eat goji berries (because bunnies don’t eat pancakes… he’s seriously so inventive and weird sometimes, haha).




We arrive lunchtime on the Thursday and spent the rest of the day stretching our legs, stopping for coffee and snacks wherever we could. I also had to take a peek into Artilleriet store but had to leave almost immediately since my wallet and kids screamed too loudly.





We loved the gardens and botanical greenhouse in Trädgården, such a beautiful place and so cool to incorporate an awesome playground in the middle amongst the greenery – Felix didn’t want to leave.

We had dinner at Vigårda (recommend it!) and went to bed as soon as Max gave up his evening screaming session – seriously , I forgot all about how tough the development leaps can be.. Puh!

Early next morning we took off to Hunnebostrand where my aunt’s family have a summer- and boathouse, to meet up with them and my mother to celebrate Midsummer. We grilled, made flower wreaths, went flea marketing and had dinner at the boathouse, so cosy!
















It rained most of the day so we stayed indoors, Felix really wanted to fish for some crabs but since they were hiding, he had to settle for fishing marshmallows from the little upstairs nook. The boathouse is full with pretty details!




No swims for this little mister this year, although this is the exact spot where he dipped his little feet into an  ocean for the first time. A special place in many ways.

Even though I think I’ve gotten a few grey hairs from the long drive with two kids it was amazing being back in the west coast (where I grew up) again – can’t wait to go back sometime soon.





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