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Roadtrip: Limestone Quarry



It was pouring down this morning in Copenhagen so we decided to take a little chance and go on a road trip to see if we could get rid of those dark skies. We packed a little lunchbox and drove to Faxe Limestone Quarry, approx. 45 minutes from where we live. Luckily we ditched the rain and managed to get some rays of sun after all!

We’ve never been to a quarry before and it was such a fun experience, it was almost like being on a different planet! The rocks were so white and the water turquoise when the sun was out. Almost made us want to take a dip, it was freezing cold though!

Felix brought his little rock hammer and happily chipped away – so much that the hammer actually broke, haha! So no fossils for us, even though the experience were just as fine without. We found out that if you’re lucky (or a bit more skilled than us), you can actually find fossiled shark teeth, how cool is that? We definitely have to go back again another time – with a better hammer.






Such a beautiful view!







Felix borrowed my hat and pretended to be Indiana Jones – my little adventurer!





I’ve definitely breastfed in worse places than this.. such an amazing spot!


I hope you had a great weekend and that you avoided the rain as well. Don’t forget to write a little comment below, it would make me so happy!




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