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Italy, part two



I still have some pictures from Italy that I wanted to share – these are from our last day that we spent in Venice. You might think that we were insane to bring two small kids and a stroller to the city of water and stair-bridges in the middle of the “Lucifer”-heatwave and I might be agreeing with you slightly there – but our best alternative were to spend the day in a small airport hotel room without a pool so Venice it was!

I’ve been in Venice once before and my boyfriend have visited several times so we immediately knew we didn’t want or needed to see any of the touristy buildings or places and so we decided to be visitors rather than tourists and just stroll around in the back alleys, away from the main roads and bridges. Since it was around 36 degrees on the day we went I’m quite glad we sticked to the shade in the small alleys!

Everywhere you go in Venice it’s just breathtakingly beautiful – and with the peak of tourist season during the Euro summer it’s hard getting a good picture without circa 150 tourists (fannypack, backpack, map, massive hat, camera and fan included) in it – so again, stick to the outskirts, wander off the beaten track a bit or consider going when it’s off season instead if you want the shot.

So, the city isn’t really that kid-friendly (or wheelchair-friendly for that matter) when it comes to moving around, the bridges are not smooth, instead they are staircase bridges so we dragged that stroller up and down – great butt exercise though! And if you have very small kids that can run away from you, you get to enjoy several small heart attacks hanging around the canals. Luckily Felix knows by now that you don’t go into the water like that. He got to dip his feet once though to feel the water and to cool down even though he were a bit concerned about potential crocodiles biting his toes off, haha!





– “Knock knock, anyone home?” Felix clothes are from Bobo Choses and sandals from Bisgaard. –


little wanderer












coffee break


The food in Venice is (in my experience so far) no where near the quality and taste that we’ve experienced on the countryside, I’m sure there’s some great spots though if you do your research before you go! Naturally, the prices are also much more expensive, the cappuccino I had other places cost 1,80€ but in central Venice it was around 2,5€! Still more delicious and cheaper than at home though…







– You can’t really see the bottom of the canal so I guess anything could be hiding down there… but with the heatwave he couldn’t resist to cool off a bit –







shade time




We got to see some beautiful spots in Venice while wandering off into small alleys searching for adventure. One of the places we found were a lovely little backyard filled with plants – absolute backyard goals! We might have been trespassing but hey, let’s say the kid went in and I had to get him out (together with 50 pictures of the place, haha!).

I’d love to go back again to stay at a hotel by one of the canals, without the kids though, luckily you can see a whole lot of the city in just a day or two!






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