Let´s do this

Let´s do this


Composing my first blog post is making me feel like I´m on an awkward speed date, describing myself and my hobbies in a rather rushed and overly exited way to make a lasting impression with a person I´ve never seen or met before. Will you like me? Will I like you? I don´t know – but what I do know is that if you´re still reading this, I´ve got your attention this far at least.

So let´s get to it…

I´m Anna, a 27 year old Swedish expat living in the oh-so sunshine city of Copenhagen. I´ve lived here for about 7 years now to my mothers grief and my boyfriends joy.

Mother of boys, Felix (3 years) & Maximilian (born in February this year). Everyday life can be quite a stressful tornado and I´m somewhat trying to keep my shit together whilst raising two small humans. Wine and yoga are my sanity saviors, not to forget the obvious online shopping.


I do love taking photos though, and in the middle of dinner prepping, diaper changing and hiding in the bathroom from small hooligans, I try to capture the settings of everyday life. Motherhood, childhood, details of our home and bits and bobs that I love and want to share with you. Because, keeping it all to myself wouldn´t be fair, would it?

I hope to bring my photos on this blog to life with a bit more text and feel than what’s possible on Instagram (also getting rid of the illusion of perfect picturesque settings with honest writing), I hope you´ll want to follow along whilst I ventilate out on this platform.

Life isn´t perfect and neither am I – with one hand on Max and the other one typing away on the Mac, there will be many misspellings and bloopers along the way.

Let´s do this!



  • Such a lovely and inspiring blog and beautiful pictures! I like your style! Med vänlig hälsningar: Rarely posting co-blogger and a mom of two boys from Finland 🙂 !

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  • Loved this! SO looking forward to all your content 🙂 You’re already a super mama for raising 2 little “monsters” 😉 and still having time for all of this. PS: How beautiful is copenhagen!
    PPS: Appreciate the english language 🙂

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

      That makes me so happy to hear – thank you!

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Let´s do this