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Feeling a little low on inspiration lately, might just be the weather that’s playing tricks – spring just doesn’t seem to be on it’s way just yet. Although, our dining table looks like a small garden – since it’s so cold outside I have to keep all the tiny sprouts inside – we’ve planted candy cane beets and tomatoes and Felix is super exited to see all the “magical beans” grow.




The boys are also longing for sunshine.. I’m twinning them as soon as the sun comes out in the matching bonnets from Zoenvoorgust. Felix got the brimmed one – perfect when he’s out playing. I’ve been eying the brimmed one in the colour “rust” for Max as well.. He’s starting to grow out of his mini bonnets so I need to start upgrading the sizes – the striped ones are my favourites though!




I’m on the third month of fully breastfeeding Max and I plan on keep doing so at least until he’s 6 months, like I did with his brother. It might be a bit taboo to say so, but I’ve never really fancied breastfeeding, I do think it’s good for the babies but I can’t wait to be able to wear “normal” clothes (like this pretty top from Espirit/Ellos)and to feel like myself again after such a long time being pregnant followed by the breastfeeding. Also, I can’t wait to start introducing different foods to Max – I’m going all in on the baby led weaning this time around.




I tried making a carrot cake today but it got stuck in the mold and collapsed a bit (well, well) so I covered it in frosting and prettified it – it still tastes great! Carrot cake is definitely my favourite – back in the days when I worked as an in-store VM I used to run down to the bakery next door and buy a whole cake to eat for lunch.. not the healthiest, but you’re only young once.





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