Small livingroom update







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It wasn’t just the bedroom that got a update this weekend, the living room walls also needed some love and I’ve wanted to make a gallery wall above the sofa for so long, but it’s tricky business when you have concrete walls. I finally settled for the frame placements and measured it up – and with the help from a very patient boyfriend and a huge drill (sorry neighbours), the gallery wall is up!

I selected some different photos from Desenio and tried to make the wall go well together by keeping a simple theme, black and white with a mix of frames in black and oak to match the rest of the apartment. I love that the different coloured frames give the wall a little twist.

My favourite poster is the one in the bottom centre, white with text, it’s called “Balance”.

Right now, you can get 25% off your purchase at Desenio with the code “annalandstedt25” between the 23rd – 25th of May! The code doesn’t apply to handpicked/frames.

Have a great Tuesday!




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