4 brands to keep an eye on...

Black & White favourites



I got myself this cotton top from Zara the other day and I’m loving it at the moment – I matched it with some other black and white items today as we went to the playground (great idea with white pants+playground though, Anna…). I got it in a size XL since it’s a bit cropped – I like the oversize look! I looove baker boy hats and I even got myself a second pair in cotton since the wool one I had since earlier is a bit too warm during the summer. I put the links to the items in the bottom of the post if you want to check them out (not ad-links)!








Felix got stuck in something while playing – mom to the rescue! Felix’s t-shirt is from Repose AMS, pants from Monsieur Mini and sandals from Bisgaard. 




You can’t go wrong with a pair of black converse.. and I’m still loving that bag – my friend Kamilla just went to Bali and brought back a round one for me, yay! Can’t wait to meet her soon again and hear all about the trip!

Links to the items (not ad-links):

You can find the top HERE

You can find the shoes HERE

You can find a similar hat HERE and HERE

The white pants are super old ones from Zara:)

Have a great weekend guys!



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4 brands to keep an eye on...