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I’ve been a bit on the lazy side when it comes to blogging lately but that doesn’t mean I have been lazy in other aspects.. life gets really busy sometimes, I’m sure you understand. I’ve also made up my mind that I’m happy with checking in here and updating whenever I have the time or extra words that I want to put into print instead of feeling that this is another one of those things that I’m always behind on getting done.

While I’ve been “away” from here, I’ve been busy giving Felix’s room a little makeover. Actually I’m only finished with half of the room (the other side that never gets to be exposed on social media is still a grey zone/no mans land) – I’m already busy planning some great things for the rest, I’m just waiting to feel 100% confident with what I’ve constructed in my mind (also, the man needs to approve my grand plans, which isn’t always the easiest thing to do).

So, what did I do? First of all, I wanted to get rid of the canopy above the bed, it’s gorgeous and all but it just ended up collecting dust and to be honest, Felix didn’t care too much for it. It’s for sale so if you want it – let me know:) To replace it, I decided to go with a really long peg rack (shaker style) to give the walls a little more dynamic instead of “just” placing a poster or shelf above the bed. I love the long rack that allows us to decorate the area in so many different ways – plus it’s practical! I bought several smaller racks at Trævarefabrikernes udsalg for no money at all, glued them with crazy super glue to get them as straight as possible – forget about drilling perfect lines in a concrete wall… and then filled the gaps and holes out with wood filler before painting them in the same colour as the walls.

My vision was to make the room a bit more warm and cosy – getting rid of the blue/green shades and replace them with beige/terracotta/brown shades instead. I chose the colour HoP Greige from Nordsjö for the walls and the colour Grænseløs (also from Nordsjö) for the cabinet. I think it turned out great! The wall color is a shade between grey and beige, so the room changes as the light changes throughout the day. If it’s gloomy outside, they are more grey and if its a sunny day, they are beige.

I used the Easy2Clean colour base for the walls, it’s matte but it’s works great in a kids room since its easy to wipe off and clean (hence the name, haha).

Below, you can see a “before” picture and after that – loads of pictures of the “new” look, enjoy!:





And this is how it looks today:






Using shades such as off white, terracotta and materials such as light wood and baskets makes the room feel warmer and brighter – perfect for the fall season!

His bedding is from Midnatt, blanket from Garbo & Friends, Origami decoration from Sukha Amsterdam (through Grey September), Cardigan from Minimalisma, Bunny head from FabelsoutofVintage (through Zoenvoorgust).






I wanted to get him some extra storage for all those LEGOs, DUPLOs and bright coloured toys that he (of course) also has. Loads of baskets above the cabinet works great for the bigger toys and the wooden storage boxes under his bed is where we are currently hiding away LEGO, wooden toys and other things that he plays with daily. They are especially great since he can clean up on his own now, separating the different toys instead of mixing it all together in a big basket (where I had to look for every single thing all the time – it’s not that easy finding ONE particular LEGO man amongst hundreds of bits and pieces..).

Baskets are from Bloomingville, AB Småland and H&M Home and the storage boxes under the bed are H&M Home.


bunny head





The rings from Lillagunga is of course still in the room!






The gorgeous bunny head is actually made out of an old curtain, how cool is that! I love those special things that’s also sustainable and clever when produced.

I hope you got inspired by the changes I’ve made – don’t hesitate to ask if I’ve missed out on any details! For the opposite side of the room I’m thinking more storage and some more space for books and creativity. Also new curtains is a BIG must have.. Time to get the hammer and drill and sewing machine out!




  • Ana

    His room looks Soo cozy and beautiful 👌🏻💙 love how it turned out 🙂

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • Malin

    Wow, it is fantastic! Love it ❤️

    Does the color Grænsløs have a RAL or NCS code? Tried to find it online, but did not succeed 😄 Have a great day, and thank you so much for an inspiring blog and instagram ❤️

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

      On the tag of the paint it says; wR5 0,6 wTY 1 wZ1 1 – I’m not sure if that helps but it’s all I can find at the moment!

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar


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