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The Instagram-news feed is overflowing with lovely lavender farm and field pictures and I wish I lived close enough to one as well, not just for the great photo-op but because I love the scent of lavender. I tend to burn some lavender scented oil and have some dried lavender home – it has this lovely calming vibe and helps me wind down (more about this in my “get rid of scary mom – post” – you can read it HERE).

I bought some fresh lavender at the food market today that I’m going to hang and let dry. I’m also making small bags from left over fabrics stuffed with lavender to put in our closets to make the laundry smell divine – we don’t use any fabric softener or scented washing powder so it’s nice to add in a lovely hint of lavender this way.

I received a package from BØF today with my purchase from their summer discount code – use “RABAT20” to get 20% off their summer selection. It’s a great little shop that stocks many of my favourite kids brands. I got Felix the blue version of the Le Petit Germain combishort – we also have it in brown and it’s the best!

I also got the “Calm Kid Mist” and the “All Salve” from the american brand Fat and the Moon. The code isn’t valid on this brand but they have a great regular price. BØF are the only danish suppliers so I was thrilled not having to pay customs and taxes – there’s so many great american (and australian) brands I wish I could get a hold of – hopefully there’ll be some oversea trade agreements sometime in the future to get rid of those charges! Give me aaaall of the amazing kid and mama brands, haha!


fat andthe moon




I think I’ll use the spray (that has a lovely, subtle, scent of lavender) as a room mist and I’ve sprayed Felix’s pillow as well as Max’s muslin cloth with it to keep them calm and relaxed when sleeping. I’m definitely taking it with me on holiday to spray the pillows at the apartment we’ll be staying so that they (hopefully) will sleep undisrupted and not being too anxious about the change of environment. Crossing fingers!





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