Summer wear



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I don’t think anyone have missed that I love linen bedding. I got the some new bed sets home and I couldn’t be happier with the new colours! I mixed the khaki green with the checked white set to avoid it making it to dark in our small bedroom (it is still summer, after all) – generally I love that you can mix and match the colours to make it look more cosy and casual.






The khaki green set is called Candice and it’s the same model that we already have in beige and white and the checked set is called Abigail. If you use the code 365801 you can get them 20% cheaper at the moment!

Update: The “tray” is just the bottom of a dumpling steamer, turned upside down – now, how’s that for a life hack (will need to put trays on my need-to-get list though, haha!)




I love our little bedroom space and I’m really glad we decided not to put a big tv-screen in there, it’s definitely a place to rest and load up on energy – speaking of – time for some coffee!

Have a great morning!




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Summer wear